NASA's Reliability Centered Maintenance Guide for Facilities and Collateral Equipment states:

Even though maintenance is a relatively small portion of the overall life-cycle cost, typically 3%
to 5% of a facility’s operating cost, RCM is still capable of introducing significant savings
during the M&O phase of the facility’s life.
Savings of 30% to 50% in the annual maintenance
budget are often obtained through the introduction of a balanced RCM program.

According to The Federal Energy Management Program's Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Best Practices Guide version 3.0, a robust predictive maintenance program will see the following benefits:

Return on Investment: 10 times
Reduction in maintenance costs: 25% to 30%
Elimination of breakdowns: 70% to 75%
Reduction in downtime: 35% to 45%
Increase in production: 20% to 25%

vibration analysis

We provide the tools and the software, the training, and the expert analysis. You provide the in-house maintenance technicians to regularly collect vibration data and monitor the machines. We provide Vibration Institute certified vibration analysts and trainers. The team members—your technicians and our analysts/trainers—work closely together during program set-up. They are then connected via the internet and phone for data and report transmission, as well as for consultation and follow-up.

PdM Solutions Program Includes:

  • Installation of data collector pads on all machines to be monitored
  • Vibration data collector provided to customer
  • Initial and ongoing customer training
  • Database set-up and maintenance
  • Secure internet connections to transfer data and reports
  • Data analysis by Certified Vibration Analysts
  • Regular periodic reporting and service recommendations


Increased Machine Availability

Analyzing machine vibrations allows you to forecast machine condition and impending failures. Having this knowledge, the maintenance department can plan machinery repairs well in advance to coordinate with overall maintenance schedules.

Lower cost of maintenance

Predictive maintenance programs eliminate the need to perform preventative maintenance in many cases. Performing maintenance only when required, parts, labor, and equipment are utilized more efficiently, thus reducing resource costs and workforce frustration.

Reduced Spare Parts Inventory

Spare parts inventory is based on requirements and can be purchased as needed without having to carry large stock quantities.

Improved Product Quality

When the rotating equipment is working within spec, the machinery used for precision manufacturing will produce higher quality results.

Increased Safety

High vibration signatures on machinery can lead to a safety risk for personnel working within range due to sheared parts and flying debris or other more serious machinery failures. 

What is Value?

When determining the value of your car, your answer is most likely either what you paid for it or what you can sell it for. Ask the same question for a valve that leaked gas into a building that caused several people to require medical attention, the answer is no longer confined to the cost of the valve. The answer now includes the additional costs of medical attention, the costs of lost productivity, and also the costs of legal risks. It stops being a $75 valve.

Value is a combination of actual out-of-pocket costs and all the possible costs associated with the function of the equipment


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